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STAR SOFT Design integrates custom software development and professional Web design services.

STAR SOFT Design offers the complete range of services for custom Web design and development. We are a team with a wide variety of skills, who can take your Web application or Web site from design concept to realization, and through maintenance -- on both the visual and software development fronts.

Different projects require a different mix of the services that we provide, but, in general, all of them require some degree of consulting, design, development, and support.

Our engagements begin with understanding your needs. We take a pragmatic approach to Web design and development. While we're committed to staying abreast of the latest technologies, we don't choose them for their own sake. And while years and breadth of experience make it a lot easier to assess what the issues are, we don't believe we know the best solution before talking with you. Our consultant team will work with you to identify the areas to be addressed and propose a solution that takes your unique circumstances into account.

Software and Graphic Design
During a project's design phase, our software development and graphic design groups work in parallel, maintaining constant communication to ensure a successful project. On the software design side, we draw up a detailed roadmap, covering everything from the navigation and site structure to the database design to any interfaces with existing systems. On the graphic design side, we work to develop visual solutions that communicate and make applications easier to use.

After a design is approved, our team of software developers and Web production staff take the design and make it a reality. Successful Web development requires a range of skills that are not learned overnight. We have extensive experience in Java, ASP, .NET, JSP, PHP, DHTML, Oracle, SQL Server, MySql and much more.

Support and Maintenance
Web applications and Web sites, particularly complex ones, will require maintenance as your needs change and grow. With many Web development companies, the team that develops the site is no longer available to provide ongoing support and enhancements. At Star Soft Group, we are committed to continuing to partner with you to support your organization's needs beyond Web site launch or application rollout.

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